20.05.2021 | Russia sanctions and Eastern Europe

On 25th May Alaco will join legal compliance experts and open source investigators on a panel taking an in-depth look at sanctions programs affecting doing business with Russian firms, and related mitigation strategies for compliance programmes. Among the issues to be covered will be the risks stemming from the activities in Eastern Europe of the Russian defence sector and its associated logistics service providers.

Alaco's Daria Plakhova-Freshville and Nikos Asimakopoulos will speak alongside Nicole Erb and Peter Chessick from White & Case LLP.  The event is hosted by C4ADS, the non-profit organization dedicated to providing data-driven analysis and evidence-based reporting on global conflict and transnational security issues, will take place on Tuesday, 25th May, at 8.30am EST / 1.30pm London.  For more details, and to register, click here

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