on assignment, Dubai

on assignment, Dubai

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Renewables buck covid-driven energy investment downturn

Investors keep faith with green technologies as fossil fuel producers experience pandemic downturns.more >

US sanctions prompt China to cut most Iran oil supplies - officially at least

Declared imports have nosedived, but Beijing seems unwilling to shut off completely deliveries from its strategic partner. more >

Post-Covid supply chains – reshoring vs resilience

Bringing Far East production closer to home may not be the most cost-effective or practical solution.more >

Russia’s hold on European gas market challenged

LNG imports and Azeri pipeline look set to lessen Europe’s dependence on Russian supplies, potentially limiting Moscow’s political and economic influence over the region.more >

Europe struggles to salvage Iran nuclear deal

American sanctions leave Europe unable to offer Iran the economic support it demands for compliance.more >

As Uzbekistan comes in from the cold, foreign investors eye opportunity

Once closed and restrictive, the Uzbek economy is opening up though political change seems a distant prospect.more >

Pademic redrawing global investment landscape

Covid-19 expected to trigger plunge in foreign direct investment and reinforce protectionist policies among leading recipients. more >

Russia’s ‘National Projects’ in need of a lift

Keynesian stimulus programme has been beset by delays and the private sector’s reluctance to get involved. more >

Putin may struggle to keep his western neighbours close

Russian president’s attempts at consolidating his ‘near abroad’ might have the opposite effect.more >

Zimbabwe and the sanctions myth

Alaco challenges Harare's claim that investor reluctance to engage with Zimbabwe is due to international sanctions.more >

Notes from the field

Our work takes us all over the world. Here we share some of our more personal perspectives on some of the destinations we have visited, filed on location.

Lebanon’s turmoil

Beirut’s banks are in the eye of a storm. In and around the city centre, the epicentre of a months-long protest over economic mismanagement, some branches have been daubed with graffiti, others have had their windows and ATMs smashed. They are so short of hard currency that informal capital controls have been imposed, infuriating customers desperate for dollars.