on assignment, Lagos

on assignment, Lagos


Alaco finds critical information to support clients across the full life cycle of a dispute. Instructed by the parties themselves, their legal advisers or funders, we are brought in when a judgement has been obtained or when the dispute strategy is still being considered.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients realise the best possible outcome in their disputes. Alaco assists clients prior to launching a claim by determining the enforceability of an award and mapping out the commercial and political reach of the other side. Thereafter, we provide evidence and witness testimony to support proceedings, usually across many jurisdictions. We never lose sight of the need to identify points of leverage throughout and bring creativity, sound judgement and commercial sensitivity to our work.

A representative sample of recent assignments includes cases where Alaco has:

• enforced an ICSID award against a Latin American sovereign by targeting the assets of a state-owned enterprise and demonstrating that its operations were conducted on behalf of the government;

• traced the assets of mid-sized commodity trader, identifying outstanding receivables held by associated entities and the personal assets of key principals;

• defended a client’s assets by demonstrating that a lawsuit brought in an offshore jurisdiction by a government agency was politically motivated and constituted corporate raiding;

• shown evidence of corrupt activity that led to the expropriation of a client’s assets in an African state, including kickbacks paid to key decision makers;

• recovered assets on behalf of a government agency in Central Asia by locating real estate across Western Europe and tracing financial flows through several countries in close collaboration with local FIUs.