on assignment, Sanlucar de Barrameda

on assignment, Sanlucar de Barrameda

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26 Sep 2018
Global watchdog takes Saudi Arabia to task for lax anti-terrorism finance measures >
A Financial Action Task Force (FATF) report criticizing Saudi Arabia’s anti-money laundering and terrorism finance measures puts the kingdom on the spot 17 years after the 9/11 attacks and casts a...

Source: Counter Currents

26 Sep 2018
Paradise lost among Maldives dodgy land deals >
An ethical cloud has been cast over the blue skies and white sand beaches of the Maldives, as the idyllic tropical holiday destination is ensnared in a scandal that saw more than 50 islands and...

Source: Transparency International

26 Sep 2018
Commentary: Ukraine Must Take Responsibility for 2019 Elections >
Ukrainians are shown voting in Kiev during local elections in October, 2015. (NAZAR FURYK/) KIEV, Ukraine — Like many Ukrainians, I have always limited my participation in this country's...

Source: US News & World Report

26 Sep 2018
Maldives’ new government must address Islamic fundamentalism >
Close to two dozen Maldivian nationals are believed to have died in Syria, fighting for the Islamic State. The record  victory  of the Maldivian Democratic Party(MDP)-led joint opposition (JO)...

Source: Observer Research Foundation

26 Sep 2018
2018 Presidential Election: Matomba dances into the heart of Ndikinimeki >
The brief and impressive dance steps of Serge Espoir Matomba, Presidential Candidate of the United People for Social Renovation (PURS) told the story of his direct connection...

Source: CRTV